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Welcome to ReColorEd! If you are looking for a creative and powerful approach to breaking cultural barriers in today's ever-changing classrooms, you are in the right place! Taniesha M. Pooser, diversity consultant, is committed to cultural education for organizations, schools and parents.


As a divergent learner expert and music teacher, Pooser specializes in presenting dynamic and engaging sessions specifically catered to your needs. Her process allows attendees an inside look into reshaping the educational environment in a way that is fun, equitable, and actively celebrates the cultural nuances of each individual.


Are you ready to ReColorEducation? Let's get started!


I loved Taniesha's session! It was simply great. The session made me re-evaluate my teaching and connecting strategies with my students.

-Pam Speas, Pontiac SC

Amazing presentation! Awesome, easy to understand content and funny, engaging presenter! 

-Amelia Parris, Tucson Arizon

This session will encourage teachers to retool their lessons so that every child is engaged in the orchestra class. Taniesha gives new pedagogical objectives to consider in order to cultivate diversity and community. This session ensures that all student interests are realized given the opportunity to flourish in an equitable learning environment.  

 -Dr. Marquita Daniels , Columbia SC

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